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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What No One Ever Told Me About Motherhood

Our wonderful, dear, sweet and talented friend, Miranda Lobs, has just written a hilarious new book appropriately called "What No One Ever Told Me about Motherhood". It is a funny, witty and honest look at the day to day life of a suburban mom.

Miranda is a college friend of Jessie Preza (owner of Nesting Shoppe) and we are happy to announce that we are selling this book on our website. You can also purchase it at If you're a new mom or soon-to-be-mom, this book is for you. So curl up with a cup of coffee...better yet make it a glass of wine and read this candid, real and heartfelt, sometimes downright messy take on Motherhood. Congratulations, Miranda! Your friends here at Nesting Shoppe are so proud of you! Rock on, Mama!!! xoxo

The Family Groove is GROOVY

We want you to know...there is a great website out there with wonderful parenting advice, pregnancy tips, maternity fashion and hot product recommendations at THE FAMILY GROOVE.

THE FAMILY GROOVE is a fun and information-packed online magazine and regional resource guide for savvy parents and parents-to-be (and grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers—really, there's something here for everyone). From autism awareness and the top hot button issues facing families today to the makeup trends of the season and how to raise socially conscious kids to easy ways to go green, save money, have more energy, get your sex life back, get your workout in and not go totally, flippin' crazy, THE FAMILY GROOVE's got it all.

REAL SIMPLE magazine calls it the "best daily destination". The best part is that it was started by two groovy moms, Amy Beth Sestito and Jillian Swartz. Check it out, visit daily...and get groovy.