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Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Gizmo gives Nesting a great review!

The popular blog, Baby Gizmo chose Nesting Shoppe as their Spotlight Company and wrote a really nice review on their website. Owner, Hollie Schultz was the one who found us and reviewed our site and products. She used words to describe us such as "gorgeous and beautiful designs" and "high quality work". As you know, Nesting Shoppe is always very excited when a reviewer gives us a high rating...even better when the reviewer is a mom herself! Thank you so much, Hollie and the team at Baby Gizmo. You can read the full article here. There is even a special discount Nesting is offering Gizmo readers...that means you can take advantage of this special, too! Be sure to bookmark their page. They review mom and baby products such as srtollers, cribs, toys, highchairs and other products.